Automatic Recovery DC Solar Water Pump Easy Installation Pollution Free

Automatic Recovery DC Submersible Water Pump Easy Installation Pollution Free



Product Feature:

  • Compact structure, high-lift, noiseless, pollution-free; complete electrical protecting controller device, against under-voltage, over-flow, overload, waterless etc.; automatic recovery; controlling water height as demand.
  • Easy installation, maintenance-free, safe and reliable.
  • Water depth: 1-120m, Max-flow:2.3M3/h


  • These electric pumps series are workable within maximum head, as there are no restrictions of BDC. With the addition of high head, high efficiency and wide high efficiency of increasing oxygen on agriculture, pumping water from deep well, gardening, fountain and etc.

Working condition:

  • Non-corrosive water; the volume ratio of sand content no more than particle size less than 0.2mm.
  • Max. medium temperature up to +401; PH value remains 6.5-8.5
  • Work close to the rated head and must be immersed in water.

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1. Exported to 58 Countries and Beijing Olympic use Threes Pump

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1. Q: What is your Payment Terms?

A: TT, L/C, West Union, Ali-Pay, etc.

2. Q: What is your MOQ for sample?

A: 1 unit or the quantity you want

3. Q: How long is your warranty?

A: 3 years after buying our pump.

4. Q: How many solar panels do we need for the pump?

A: We will help you design the perfect solar panel connection after your order confirmed.

5. Q: Are you Trading or Manufacture?



A: We are the Manufacture, and welcome to visit our factory and establish business partnership with us.

The solution to your remote water pumping needs. This pump is rugged.durable and builtto last. This pump delivers a steady 189GPH(720LPH) at its maximum depth of 100m when supplied with 12VDC. Its unique water-tight power connector stops water wicking and prevents potential condensation problems. Great for livestock watering,irrigation,

pondaeration,remote homes and cabins.

Automatic Recovery DC Solar Water Pump Easy Installation Pollution Free



· Strong Construction, yet lightweight (4.5kgs)

· Corrosion-proof housing with stainless-steel fasteners

· Dry Running capability without pump damage

· Internal Bypass Feature for pump protection Long-life,12VDC Operationeasily repaired in the field

· State of the art soliddiaphragm Power Connector:

· Unique water-tight gland connector

· Stops water wicking and prevents potential condensation

· Quick Discounnect-No splicing necessary

· Accepts a variety of jacketable cables



· Submersible pump with 100 meter (328 feet) maximum pumping head ·60% peak efficiency

· Suitable for sprinkler or drip irrigation systems

· Up to 720 liters per hour or 7,200 liters per day with recommended battery bank

· 24V DC motor compatible with most commercially-available solar panels, charge controllers and lead acid batteries




Designed to use with solar panels and 12V battery systems for livestock watering, irrigation, ponds, remote homes and cabins.

Automatic Recovery DC Solar Water Pump Easy Installation Pollution Free


Adopt stainless steel screw and rubber stator, permanent magnet brushless motor. With combination of motor and controller. The max efficiency is over 90%, raises 30% than the traditional AC ones.

2. Material

1) stainless steel casing, shaft core, coupling and pump body; copper alloy connecting, base; rubber stator of high strength and wear-resistant.

2) water immersion style stainless submersible motor, graphite bearings.





Automatic Recovery DC Solar Water Pump Easy Installation Pollution Free

Solar Water Pumping is one of the most effective and affordable ways to move water more efficiently.There are no storage batteries,we store water by tank/pool,water tanks are far cheaper than battery banks, and last for decades. Solar water pump system works well as long as you can store enough water for irrigation/farm/house use/animals.

Advantages of solar water pump system

1) No area limited, even in none power supply village

2) Economical power supply system, perpetual energy source

3) Environment protection, no noise

4) Easy application, convenient & efficient

5) Operating with solar panel or battery


DC Solar Water Pump

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